We are pleased to introduce Salaca collection of natural wastra splash batik, made by diffable. The wastra was first developed in our region and has become a symbol of local belonging. It uses natural daun salak (salacca leaf) and Splash technology to produce a traditional pattern with a contemporary twist. Salaca as one of Yogyakarta motif Wastra, it also provides value on all SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) not only from their products but also in Our ecosystem (Diffable).

Wastra is a famous handmade batik that has been manufactured for the past many years. It includes 40% material from our local farmers and 40% from the best raw materials in Indonesia. Our team uses natural cotton, which makes it comfortable to wear. Each Wastra is inspected by our highly skilled workers before being sent off to you so you can enjoy every moment of wearing it or gifting it to someone special.